The Story

The Story

The vision of Misano began in May of 2018 when Parker Locke, a young 17 year old with a passion for design and watches, set out to begin designing watches for his first collection.

Throughout the summer months and into the spring of 2018, Parker spent countless hours each day designing and prototyping his very own designs. Initially, Parker began with simple sketches and drawings of his ideas. Shortly after, he began working on 3D models of his designs. With no prior experience of 3D designing, Parker was set with the difficult task of learning the ins and outs of 3D designing from scratch during the designing phases. Once his 3D designs were complete he would 3D print his designs and determine areas to improve the design and make the timepiece as beautiful as possible.

After months of designing for hours each day, nearly 200 different designs were created by our founder and designer, Parker Locke. He took each design into consideration and came out with the one that is now our first collection. Unique in style with bold features and characteristics is what sets our timepiece apart from the rest. 

As the design process has now been completed, it came time to begin prototyping and working with manufactures to get the new design into production. After countless hours of research, we found a manufacturer to begin working with that meets our brands quality standards. We began the prototyping phase with our new manufacture in March of 2019. 

The initial creation of our first collection timepiece came to life within the next couple of months. Once our first functioning prototypes we're completed in early June, we set out to find improvements in our design and work to make the timepiece as best as possible. Slight changes were made, improving our first collections design to what it currently is now. 

We began production of our first collection in Mid-September. Pre-orders for our first collection launched on Monday, September 30th of 2019. With only 50 pieces per model available for pre-order, our first collection began to start selling with our first pre-order placed just 2 minutes after launching.

After all of our production work was completed for our first collection, we full-filled all of our pre-orders in early December as initially scheduled. With only 600 pieces in total of our first collection being produced, we have a very limited supply currently available. We are now shipping out orders daily to locations worldwide! 

We have completed our first goal with the production of our first collection of Misano timepieces. Our next goal is to continue to build a family of Misano customers and continue to grow our brand to new heights. This is only the beginning of Misano, we have been thoroughly working on new unique designs coming in later collections!

Thank you for following the journey of Misano Watch Co!

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