Thank you for purchasing a watch from our first collection. Please follow this guide to learn about all the specific features of our first collection and to get to know and understand your new timepiece better.

Let's start by learning the specific features and buttons on your new timepiece.

Setting the time and Date

Setting the time and date will be done by using the crown, located in the middle on the right edge of the timepiece. To adjust the date, simply pull out the crown halfway and twist to the desired date. To adjust the time, simply pull out the crown all the way and twist until your watch shows the desired time. Please not that the shorter hand shows the hour, the longer hand shows the minutes, and the sub-dial in the top right displays the seconds.

Adjusting the size of your watch (links only)

Adjusting the size of your watch to perfectly fit your wrist is made easy thanks to our link adjustment tool, included in every steel link watch order. You can find the link adjustment tool as well as the extra links in the tray located below the watch box. When removing or adding links to your watch be sure to notice the arrow on the backside of the links, this arrow points to the direction in which the link pin should be removed. It is very important to only use the link adjustment tool to push the link out following the direction of that arrow. When adding links and putting the pin back in, first look for the notch on the pin. Once you find the notch on the pin place the other end of the pin into the link (connecting it to the other links) and then use your link tool to push the pin into the length until it is all the way inserted.

Re-centering the hands

All watches are set and centered before shipment but the hands can sometimes get off centered due to rough movements during shipping, if your watch arrives and this is the case, it is very easy to recenter. To recenter the chronograph stopwatch seconds hand (the red hand), simply pull out the crown all the way (as if you were adjusting the time), then press the two chronograph pushers in at the same time and hold them until the chronograph seconds timer spins in a complete circle. Once it stops, press the upper chronograph pusher until the watch hand is centered at the 12 o'clock location. To recenter any of the sub-dials, follow the initial steps above but once the hand spins in a complete circle, press the lower chronograph pusher to move to the first sub-dial (press it twice for the second, and three times for the last sub-dial), and then press the upper chronograph pusher until each dial is re-centered.