Unique Design

At Misano, we focus all our attention to creating the most unique yet beautiful watches we can. We will continue to strive to innovate new unique designs in all of our collections to come. 

High Quality

All of our watches are held to a high standard in terms of construction and quality. Our watches are crafted out of 316L Stainless Steel, a sapphire crystal, and are powered by a Swiss Quartz chronograph movement. Our first collection also meets 10ATM water resistance, which is water resistant up to 100 meters. 

Motorsports History

We have a deep and rich history in the motorsports world. Our founder and owner, Parker Locke, is a race car driver himself and has worked to combine his two worlds of motorsports and watches into one in creating Misano Watch Co. 

Look your best, feel your best, be your best.

Choose a Misano timepiece to complete your style. Break free from the traditionally designed timepieces, create a statement and stand out with a Misano timepiece.

the misano experience

At Misano, we take great pride in the experience of owning a Misano timepiece. From first unboxing to placing the timepiece on your wrist for the first time, you can ensure a memorable experience.

Misano Updates


Our looks

Parker Locke

Founder/ designer

"From the very start, we have focused our attention on three important aspects: a unique design, high quality and affordable price points. With our first collection of watches we have done just that. My name is Parker Locke and I am the founder and designer of Misano Watch Co. We have strived to break the barriers of design, and create a timepiece with unique style and character but at a price point accessible to most. This is just the beginning for Misano, we will continue to take big steps in design and innovation in our future collections to follow." 

About Misano

Misano is a watch company created and founded by Parker Locke, a young designer with a passion for watches. With a focus on high quality, unique designs, and affordable prices the brand Misano began to form. After designing nearly 100 different watch models, Parker settled on the design that is now our first collection of watches. After spending a year in the design and prototyping phase, we are now ready to begin the next step in bringing our brand to life and now accepting pre-orders!

About Us

Racing History

História Da Corrida

Nosso Fundador e designer, Parker Locke, criou Misano com um objetivo EM Mente para fundir SUAS duas paixões de corridas e temporais EM uma.Parker,...

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The Story

A história

A visão de Misano começou em maio de 2018, quando Parker Locke, um jovem de 17 anos com uma paixão por design e relógios, partiu para começar a pr...

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